Sunday, October 16, 2005

Spareroom is out there...

I was observing a grant panel a ways back and was shocked. One of the panelists, a figure of some stature in the Chicago art community and someone concerned with displaying the work of emerging Chicago artists was totally ignorant of the Chicago time-arts collective, Spareroom.

Now I wouldn't say that Spareroom is really the most high profile performance venue/rehearsal space/performance community in Chicago, but they have been around for years now, have solid relationships with the MCA, Cultural Center and Links Hall. A number of the most active performers in dance, experimental theater and performance art in Chicago have been associated with the spot at some point or another.

Maybe most of the folks who would stumble onto this blog are already in the know, but if you are new to Chicago or a busy Chicago cultural worker let me point out the Spareroom. Located at North and Western.

They have been inviting new members to join lately. I think the place would be more useful if there was some storage space included in the deal but it is a way to find some performance/rehearsal space in the city and find community if you are new.

You can also rent out the space for a fee.

They are also quietly becoming the hub of butoh activity in Chicago. There are butoh shows and workshops coming up which you find on their event page.

They are also hosting a CAAP Grant workshop on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 - 7pm



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