Saturday, November 22, 2008

My performance times for Bridge Miami

I am performing all over the place at the Bridge Art Fair in Miami this year. Here are some descriptions and the schedule.

"Silver Ticket Project: Sweeten the Deal" - Each day, twice-a-day, artist Erik Fabian will perform ritualistic performance-responses to works by emerging artists in the Orleans Street Gallery at the Catalina hotel. These value-adding performances will critically and playfully respond to selected works at the Orleans Street Gallery to redirect visitor attention that might have otherwise been misallocated due to the recent credit bubble. At 11am, Erik will start each day at the fair with a walking piece that will circle the entire block of the Catalina hotel and arrive in the Orleans Street Gallery (room #223). Later in the afternoon, Erik will perform a second performance in a ritualistic space in the center of the Orleans Street Gallery room (#223) at the Catalina hotel.

"Don't Panic" - To relieve some of the anxiety art patrons may be facing during the current economic crisis, artist Erik Fabian wants to offer a reminder of what credit feels like. Art fair visitors are invited, one-at-a-time, to hold a wad of 1000 one-dollar bills with Erik that have been borrowed from his credit card. Erik is not giving the money away...please don't attempt to steal it, tax it, or deflate its value. Take a moment to pause and consider the relationships that are created when markets and credit freeze.

"Help Wanted" - Flying in the face of soaring unemployment, artist Erik Fabian is hiring. Keep an eye out in the lobbies of the Catalina and Wynwood locations of the Bridge fair where Erik will hire a small group of assistants to help him create and deliver a performance. Together with Erik, you will claim the hotel lobby as a social space for business and old-time deal-making and help consider the value of artistic labor in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime economic crisis.


I will be at Orleans Street Gallery in rm 223 at the Catalina Hotel @ 11am each day and again at the time of the VIP tours each afternoon:

Thursday for the fair opening from 4-6pm or so.
Friday from 2-4pm
Saturday 1-3pm
Sunday 2-3pm

I plan to present "Don't Panic" at the Wynwood for the press cocktail on Friday from 5-7pm. I might do it again if I see a good time.

"Help Wanted" will be a spontaneous guerrilla hiring-fair in one of the hotel lobbies. Check my twitter posts for updates.

Catalina Hotel
1732 Collins Ave

I will post updates to Twitter at


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