Sunday, June 08, 2008

Upcoming shows

Hi all,

Got a packed week of performances in NYC and a few ongoing things as well. It is all listed below.

Hope to see you soon.



- On Tuesday, June 10th, Come play foosball for free, for prizes from 7-10pm. I will be announcing the foosball tournament at The Austrian Cultural Forum at the invitation of artist Monika Wührer.

This tournament is part of an art project by Monika Wührer for the "Bread and Soccer" show at The Austrian Cultural Forum. Players who reach the finals will have the opportunity to play against players from the NY Red Bulls.

There will be three tournaments - June 10, July 15, and September 4th, all from 7-10pm.

The Austrian Cultural Forum
11 E 52nd St, just east of 5th Ave.

- On Wednesday, June 11th, I will be presenting a Silver Ticket Project performance for the Jeffrey Boone Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair opening from 6-9pm.

Silver Ticket Sales meetings can be arranged all week in hotels around NYC.

- Friday, June 13th, I will present a short improvisational oratory as a part of the "Raw and The Cooked" series at the Tank.

The Raw and the Cooked is a monthly forum for interdisciplinary improvisation including music, dance, video mixed-media curated by Tatyana Tenenbaum.

The Tank
279 Church St



- No Rules: Governors Island Edition (a porch installation & imagination game)...continues as a part of the Emergence show on Governor's Island until July 26, 2008.

Exhibition Hours: 11:00am – 6:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays Only
Location: Governors Island – Building 14 / Commander’s House

I will be available to play No Rules: Governors Island Edition with people on Sunday, 6/29 & Saturday, 7/26 at 12:30pm.

- Silver Ticket presented as a part of the "5 Years On The Run" show at the Orleans Street Gallery in St. Charles, IL until September 13th.

The Orleans Street Gallery celebrates 5 years of exhibiting contemporary Chicago art with an anniversary exhibition highlighting breakout artists, many of whom, have since exhibited nationally and internationally. Curated by Anni Holm.


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