Friday, March 28, 2008

Intro to gold site...

There is a lot of information on gold, silver and the precious metals available online. Much of it is coming from a strong Libertarian political and Austrian economics point of view or is trying to sell you some kind of investment product. Unless you want to pay for pure research you have to dig through all of this to get the facts and opinions.

I often feel that the people who are trying to sell something are easier to evaluate because their angle is more transparent.

Here is a good, relatively low politics, gold site that introduces many of the concepts you might find elsewhere on the web.

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Blogger huong said...

hey erik, just checked out your site because i have no idea what you've been working on. i'm doing a project on gold and noticed this. TTTHHHHHAAAAANNNNKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! . hope you are well.

February 09, 2009 1:31 AM  

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