Friday, April 27, 2007

For Public Consumption Parade Info

For Public Consumption's official opening is THIS SATURDAY at Hyde Park Art Center here in Chicago, from 6pm-8pm. Our opening coincides with 24hr party, Creative Move Too, that HPAC is having from noon to noon, Sat-Sun.

Check-out for details.

If you're interested in participating in the Parade, show up at 5601 S. Hyde Park Blvd. at around 11:00am on Saturday the 28th. All are welcome to march, dance, cavort, bike, roll, etc, with us.



Here is a blurb about Por Public Consumption.

The video exhibition, For Public Consumption, presents performances by five Chicago artists on the façade of the Hyde Park Art Center. Each of these pieces asks of you, the public, to take part – to read along, to listen to what is not there, to be complicit in a performance.

In order of appearance: Richard Fox culls Internet confessions and performs the text within the presentational format of PowerPoint. Deva Eveland mugs for our attention and struggles to communicate from within the silent façade. John Bannon turns his camera on the public to present the performance of Chicagoans gathered for a parade. Shawnee Barton wants us to know her as the sum of her favorite things. Morganville and Daniéle Wilmouth present a group of headphone-clad dancers, performing a silent rendition of "Hula Lou".

These artists engage the need to make the private public; the motives of public figures and the authenticity of public façades; the performative aesthetics of everyday life and crowds; how the things we associate with become props for the performance of identity; how culture is distributed to the masses and performed by individuals.




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