Sunday, April 15, 2007

For Public Consumption @ Hyde Park Art Center

For Public Consumption is up and running.

Stephanie Pereira and I curated a performance for video exhibition that is currently on view at the Hyde Park Art Center. The exhibition is a collaboration between Links Hall and HPAC. It features new work by John Bannon, Shawnee Barton, Richard Fox, Deva Eveland, and Morganville & Danièle Wilmouth.

Listed below are several FREE public programs for the current video exhibition at Hyde Park Art Center:


For Public Consumption, Artist, Curator and Community Disucssion
Sunday, April 15, 2pm
Hyde Park Art Center, FREE

Discussion with FPC artists, curators, and HPAC public. Traditional panel format will evolve into a public dialogue. Food for thought: What is the public's relationship with HPAC's video display? What are fruitful ways of approaching and consuming artwork? More questions posted on the FPC blog. Public is invited to pose their own questions on the blog.


Making Something Out of Something, April 11 - June 3
Blog hosted by a different For Public Consumption artist or curator each week. Includes your standard blog posts, alongside new multi-media artworks by the artists and webisodes featuring a new artist each day. Find the blog at



For Public Consumption Kick-off Parade
Saturday, April 28, 12pm
Hyde Park Art Center, FREE

The FPC artists and community guests eat up the streets as they parade toward the HPAC 1 year anniversary party, Creative Move Too, calling to the public to join them as they go. The parade will end inside HPAC at the For Public Consumption podium for speeches, effusive thanks and perhaps the regrets of over-indulgence. Contact Parade Organizer John Bannon at JEB *at* if interested in participating in this parade. Visit for parade route and further details.


Performance in Response to For Public Consumption
Thursday, May 10, 7pm
Hyde Park Art Center, FREE

Interdisciplinary literary event with FPC artist Richard Fox and members of the performance group, BoyGirlBoyGirl.


We Ate It Up - A student exhibition in response to work from For Public Consumption
Opening Reception Friday, May 18, 2-4pm
4833, Hyde Park Art Center, FREE

Students from Little Village public school, Telpochcalli Elementary, worked with teaching artist William Estrada and classroom teacher Dana Osterlin to develop creative responses to Shawnee Barton's For Public Consumption Video, "To Celebrate my Favorite Day". The results of their creative efforts will be on exhibition in 4833, Hyde Park Art Center's community space, from May 18-June 3.


Licking our Chops: For Public Consumption Closing Party
Sunday, June 3, 2pm
Hyde Park Art Center, FREE

FPC Artist Shawnee Barton invites you to a meal in the her favorite color; a monochromatic feast featuring everything from carrot salad to mac and cheese and sweet potatoes to cheetos...and while you feast, lay your sticky orange fingers on a free copy of Richard Fox's new poems sourced from FPC audience responses.

Internet opportunities:

Making Something Out of Something, April 15 - June 3
Blog hosted by a different For Public Consumption artist or curator each week. Find the blog at

For Public Consumption Bulletin Board, April 15 - June 3
Intentional and happenstance audiences alike are invited to respond to For Public Consumption through a variety of mediums including email, a response box and bulletin board at Hyde Park Art Center, and blog comments.
Email: fpc.hpac *at* gmail dot com.



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