Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Call to the Center of the Known Universe

Call for Performances and Engaged Audiences.

The Center of the Known Universe is presenting an intimate, savory and engaged performance series on select Sunday evenings in the Spring/Summer of 2006 to engage the provincial aspects of performance in Chicago, the housebound intimacy of domestic performance, and camaraderie of small groups scheming and plotting over a good meal.

Small audiences of four will be invited into my home to experience the performance by a local or visiting performance artist, to enjoy a delicious dinner, and then take part in a facilitated conversation bridging the performance, our casual dinner discussion, and the themes of this series.

An audio recording of the final discussion will be presented online as the primary public documentation of the series.

Each performance will feature a performance, dinner and seats for four guests. Tickets will be about twenty-five or thirty dollars (additional donations towards the artist stipend welcome).

…A Preliminary Call for Engaged Audiences

Willing and engaged audiences are encouraged to express their interest to attend by email.

Attendance is by invitation only. You are invited to mention what you do and if you have any projects or schemes on the horizon to best consider seating you with like-minded cohorts.

Audience members will also be asked to bring a gift for the group (TBD), to be open and ready to share what they are up to and to engage in the recorded dialogue.

Plots, agendas, and schemes that propose future performance activity in Chicago are encouraged from the audience. Ideally, dinner will be an occasion for Chicago performers, patrons, and visionaries to spark each other.

…A Call for Performances

Solo performers are invited to send one-page proposals, an artist statement and links to documentation of their work by email. Solo performers are preferred because we only have so much space but an extra special duet might be considered.

Performers will receive a small (tiny, really) stipend of one ounce of fine silver for performing in addition to dinner. We can assist with helping find out-of-towners a place to stay but no further financial or travel assistance is available. No comp tickets will be available for partners, lovers or other guests.

The primary performance space is a second bedroom I use as a studio in my apartment. The room is located just off the kitchen, it will be mostly empty for you and is about 7’x10’. There is a variety of reasonable restrictions on the use of the space to prevent damage and to spark your creativity. There are limited electrical sockets available, some audio support, and the white walls/hardwood floors cannot be sullied. (I rent.)

More information is available by request.




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