Saturday, February 11, 2006

Call for Videos for Hyde Park Art Center / Links Hall

I am co-curating a public video-art show. Below is the official call. I encourage performance folk in Chicago to submit their work.

Good luck.


Links Hall/Hyde Park Art Center - Call for Proposals
"For Public Consumption"
July 25-Sept 10, 2006

Hyde Park Art Center opens its new building in April 2006, and presents the exhibition "For Public Consumption" this summer. The facade of the new HPAC includes an innovative 5-panel video display (each panel: 10ft tall x 7ft 9" wide) which can either be used for a single unified display of video, for five separate canvases, or any combination in between. The video is viewable by the public from the street in front of the building; audio does not form part of the display.

Links Hall has been invited to curate part of the program for the video facade for this exhibition, and invites proposals as follows:

- Please forward a one page project proposal for video work to be shown on the facade; a one page artist statement; a one page artistic resume; and one example of your video work on VHS or DVD (15 minutes maximum). Please include your contact information, including email address.

- It is intended that the selected work be aligned with Links Hall's mission of supporting artistic innovation in the performing arts, as well as HPAC's objective that this exhibition include multiple community perspectives.

- There is no length restriction for your projected video, but under 60 minutes is preferred, and much shorter works are also welcome -- all artists in the video facade portion of this exhibition will have their work shown on rotation throughout the exhibition run from July 25 - September 10, 2006.

- Important note: your projected work can use any resolution/definition, but please be aware that the projection area is large and if you are using low resolution by choice that will produce a grainy or chunky look. Ask yourself, "will my work look good if it is 10 feet tall and up at the second floor of a street front facade?" Please reference why your work will work on this scale within your proposal.

- Please indicate if your work will use the facade as a single unified display of video, or if there will be five separate canvases used.

- No fees/expenses are available for this project.

- We can only accept proposals from Chicago-based artists/companies.

- The selection of artists will be curated by Erik Fabian and Stephanie Pereira; up to four artists/companies will be selected.

Deadline: proposals to be received at Links Hall by 5pm Wednesday March 1st:

Links Hall, 3435 North Sheffield #207, Chicago IL 60657

Selected artists will be notified by: Tuesday March 14th

Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you require any materials returned.

If you have queries, please email: - which includes architect's drawings of the new facade.


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