Monday, September 26, 2005

Upcoming Performance Dates....

I sent out an announcement about my upcoming performances to my mailing list recently but I wanted to post the dates here as well.

If you would like to be on the mailing list just put your email address in the box on the top right of this blog page or go to the contact page.

Unfortunatly the Musicircus has come and gone already.

Each is an oratory at a different scale that integrates into a larger event.


Sunday, September 25th
Musicircus @ Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 East Chicago Avenue
“I have a lion’s head…” – 15min @ 1:30, 2:55, 3:36, 4:29pm
The Musicircus is a John Cage concept produced by the Chicago Composer Forum. It brings together hundreds of performers simultaneously at the MCA. In my piece, I address a rather large and possibly distracted audience and try to convey a simple message…that I have a lion’s head on top of this one. Jeff Harms will assist with my roaring.

Followed by...

Saturday, October 1st
Green Lantern Gallery, 1511 North Milwaukee Avenue, 2nd Floor, Chicago
Best Man – ongoing from 6-9pm
Green Lantern is a new apartment gallery in Wicker Park that is having a group show on the topic of marriage. I am performing a response to a number of paintings by Caroline Picard. Caroline’s work and my work are getting married and this is the wedding reception. I, as best man, will give a speech to the people who found time to share this very special day with us.

Thursday, October 6th
Early Adopters @ Three Arts Club, 1300 N. Dearborn, Chicago
Spin Cycle – 5:30-8pm
Adelheid Mers has put together a show to investigate the relationship between art and its audience. The show is up now consists of posters by a number of artists as well as larger works by Adelheid, Deb Sokolow, Industry of the Ordinary and Michael X. Ryan. During the opening, I will perform small, intimate oratories for any person who chooses to sit with me. (I think their website is down though.)

Also, a bit further down the road, on the first three Saturdays in November. I will be performing a car-based installation performance as part of the Drive By show at Links Hall.


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