Saturday, July 02, 2005

Free Qi Gung Classes with Nana Shineflug

Nana Shineflug is teaching a free Chi Gung class at Hamlin Park fieldhouse (at damen/wellington). The Chicago Moving Company website lists it as ongoing but it might just go for a couple more weeks.

Qi Gong
Fridays 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, free. Ongoing - No class 7/1, 7/22 or 7/29. Led by Nana Shineflug. This ancient practice is an extension of Tai Chi. Here the Chi (energy) is used to help heal the body through the Soaring Crane form.

I have been to a couple classes and recommend it. It is good posture work and could help you move safely, with significance and increase charisma. The class consists of simple moving meditation sequences that help align you with gravity.

Why is a class like this useful to performance artists?

This is obvious to those of you with movement backgrounds perhaps, but the body isn't just a socially constructed, gendered, visual, etc idea. You occupy it. You can hurt it through misuse. You can communicate from it successfully or not. Stabilizing a experiential relationship with the body and the kinds of expressive capacities that are inherent in it gives a wider palate of communicative possibilities, it can help you sustain a professional career by not damaging yourself through misuse, and you can develop the kind of physical presence that encourages an audience to pay attention to your actions.


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