Monday, June 27, 2005

June Performance Crit Session

You missed out.

About twenty-five performers met yesterday for a casual show and tell at the now defunct Ante:Room. The group included Mathew Wilson, Deva Eveland, Jeff Harms and several of students from Columbia College.

Highlights from the handful of presentations…

…Deva’s video of a wanna-be Ping-Pong champion…

…watching a lighting bug make a break for it, landing on the chest of his captor and then crawl under her clothes…

…the audience self-motivating to shut down a fan blowing on a tumbleweed…

The group will meet again in a month and I hope more performers will feel welcome to bring some work to present.

The group seems to be forming around the simple idea of providing an audience to each other once a month and the potential for feedback. It is free and probably will become something.

Contact me if you want to find out about the next meeting.

My offering to the event was a short gesture of introduction. I will post a video of it if you want to check it out or get a sense of how the feedback session went.

Also, there is a new space opening in the next couple of months down on Grand that will be open to performances ever other month. More on this when I know more.

And also, Deva is putting out a call for submissions for his car-based performance event. I will post more details on this soon too.



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