Monday, June 27, 2005

Call for Car Performances

Performance opportunity...

Drive By Performance Series
Links Hall and Seep request proposals for site-specific work inside moving vehicles. Artists may be drivers, passengers, or instigators who are outside the car. Links Hall will serve as a taxi stand from which audiences can catch rides to experience each piece, but the real location will be both inside the car and simultaneously anywhere within driving distance. There is a possibility that the car doesn't go anywhere. There is a possibility that the car drives to a specific place, or that it drives around in circles. Maybe the performance gets out of the car at a certain point, or maybe it is an event which is best viewed from the window of a speeding car. What is important is that proposals are centered around the car as a place and an idea.
Proposals should contain a 1-2 page overview, resume, and work sample (DVD, NTSC VHS, photos, slides, relevant notes, etc.) Also, please indicate the following: approximate length of piece (ideally 15 minutes to one hour), any equipment needed, whether you are able to provide your own car, whether the piece is repeatable, dates of availability (for November 2005). Audiences will be charged a small entry fee per ride to cover gas, and to compensate you for your work. While the aim is to explore radical aesthetic possibilities of the car, please keep in mind basic safety and feasibility on a limited budget.
Submissions from outside Chicago: We are open to proposals from anywhere, but unfortunately cannot provide travel expenses. We will secure informal accommodation for your stay in Chicago, and we will assist you in any way we can to secure funding from your own sources. Proposals from within driving distance of Chicago are especially welcome.
Drive By will be held on three Saturday afternoons: November 5/12/19, 2005. Please mail or drop off your proposal to Links Hall (3435 N. Sheffield, 2nd Floor, Chicago IL 60657) by August 8th, 2005. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you require any materials returned. Proposals will be reviewed and artists selected by Deva Eveland on behalf of the curatorial collaboration Seep. Queries may be emailed to


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