Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What performance, where...?

I haven't seen much lately.

I admit I have missed a couple things, here is what and then my excuse.

I missed Joseph Ravens opening night performance with a inflated ball on opening of NOVA cause I was working Art Chicago in the Park and was falling asleep standing up. For real. It was embarrassing. I hear Joseph has been doing this piece and variations of it for years. I wonder why he keeps doing it.

I missed whatever opening night performances happened at the SAIC MFA thesis show. Actually I got there 15 minutes before they kicked us all out. My bad. I saw Magdalen's piano piece briefly and I heard that Justin Cooper had something on his foot. I am sure it was funny Justin is a funny guy. Unfortunately they wouldn't let me bad upstairs to see it. The performance kids this generation seemed to mostly do installation rooms.

Connor Kalista's audio tour, Terminal Marine, is still going at Links Hall but I have missed it so far...I have a cold. I think they extended the dates so there is still plenty of time.



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