Sunday, March 20, 2005

What I have realized so far about bloging and writing about PAC/edge shows...

1) That I am sick of the word blog. I am changing the link on my homepage to commentary.
2) Is it a diary? Is it a review? I don't know.
3) I can't keep this up every day.
4) I have a plan.
5) I assume someone is reading these when I write but not when I edit.
6) I have more to say about any particular performance than I think is coherent or that I have time to write.
7) I worry the artists will see what I am writing and think I am an asshole.
8) I actually think they should have followed through with the incest scene in Discarded Landscapes and considered what happens next.
9) I seem to think I know how Pac/edge should run but don't really know what their deal is there.
10) I spend less time assuming the best in people and being optimistic. I blame this on living in Chicago.
11) Bloging can quickly devolve into whining.
12) I like adding pictures drawn on my Palm.
13) That I should try to help folks access the work perhaps.
14) Maybe I am being too nice.
15) My fundamental urge is supportive but kinda pissy.
16) That I equate PAC/edge with the Atheneaum theater which isn't actually true, but none the less how I perceive it. I wonder if that is for the best?
17)...more to come


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