Monday, March 07, 2005

Other Blogs I Have Known

This blog is preceded by a few other brave souls.

Matt Dallman, composer, musician, Integral thinker & writer maintains a blog called the Daily Goose in which he considers art, Integral things, the growth of his unborn children both artistic and human (or bean). He has called himself Goose for years for what I can tell and that is his secret webname as well.

My girlfriend Stephanie used to have a secret anonymous blog that she wouldn't show me or talk about. One day I made a joke that I accidentally found it on line and she decided that it might actually happen one day so she erased it. Now she uses Blogger to create a question and answer page for her club the Little Arts Society

I also know another verbal Matt in Matt Rentschler who keeps our heads clear with some daily commentary in his diary.

And then of course there is Khaela Maricich who has a lovely website that has many internal links that don't work for me but the blog is there and it is mess and gooey.



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